Good speakers are the key to getting the best possible audio experience from your sound system. You can put together the best CD or DVD player on the market and the highest-rated AV receiver, but if you don’t have the right speakers, your audio or home theater setup won’t be worth much when it comes to actual sound. Your speakers provide the interface between your audio system’s electronics and the physical world in which sound is actually played–choosing the right set can make the difference between cramped, muddy audio and crystal-clear concert-hall sound.

You can buy a pair of loudspeakers for $50 or you can spend $50,000 and up. You can buy speakers as small as a baseball or as big as a refrigerator. There are “bookshelf”-sized speakers costing a few hundred dollars and others the same size that’ll set you back thousands (and are worth every dollar and then some). There are big speakers that sound anemic and tiny ones with sound that will hit you so hard they’ll knock the wind out of you. So, how do you know which type of loudspeaker is appropriate for you?

Here at UHS we are saving the world from bad sound one customer at a time! Through extensive listening and research we only use the most accurate speaker that produces the upmost purity of music that’s played the way the artist intended.