Home Audio/Video

What if you could play music in one room and watch a movie in another with the touch of a button, we can make it happen. A music and video system or media server can be one of the most enjoyable amenities in your home. You can experience music indoors and outdoors for a party or if you’re just relaxing for the evening. What if you could view your television and movie collection anywhere in the home through one centralized system as well. This can all be done with a media sever device. A media server gives you the ability to play music and movies throughout your entire house with multiple speakers using only one centralized system. With the touch of one button you can choose to listen to your favorite CDs, satellite, or your iTunes library. You can design your music system to play through the entire house or in separate rooms. Each area can be set so the volume can be adjusted locally or through one central touch keypad. Let us help you set up the perfect environment to enjoy all of your media today!!